Real Property Law

Real property, or the land structures and non-movable items attached to that land, is a valuable commodity. When real property transactions occur, a complex series of laws come into play to protect owners, buyers and sellers of this property. Protect your real property interests with the help of a Pasadena real property law attorney from the Law Offices of Raul M. Montes. Serving the people of Pasadena, San Gabriel, Los Angeles, San Marino and San Fernando, Raul M. Montes understands the complexities of real property law and is ready to help you protect your interests in the property you own or plan to buy.

While buying and selling real estate is one of the most common ways Real property law affects more than just the purchase and sale of real estate, although that is a portion of the process. Real property law also affects the use of that land. Income earned on a piece of real estate or a building housed on that piece of real estate, or disputes involving items growing on the land, can all be part of this practice area. Attorney Raul M. Montes has experience and understanding in each of these areas, and is ready to put that knowledge to work for you.

Supportive Legal Help for Your Real Property Transaction

The Law Offices of Raul M. Montes offers supportive legal help to those individuals and companies entering into real property transactions. He will take the time to get to know you personally so he can help you attain your goals with your real estate transaction. Creating the contracts surrounding the purchase or sale of land or other forms of real estate can bring up several legal questions. Having a real property law attorney on your side will ensure that the contract is fair, legal and protects your interests.

Aggressive Litigation for Real Property Rights Cases

No matter how careful you are when setting up your real estate contracts, sometimes a breach in contract or misunderstanding will push a case into litigation. When this happens, Raul M. Montes works hard to help you achieve your goals. His competitive nature drives him to fight for the rights of his clients, and sometimes protecting your real property rights is best done through the court system.

Whether you are buying your first home, creating a tenancy agreement or setting up a complex commercial real estate transaction, a Pasadena real property law attorney is your best advocate. Make sure your rights and interests are protected well with the help of the Law Offices of Raul M. Montes. Contact Raul M. Montes today to discuss your real estate law needs.