Estate Administration

The main object of Estate Administration is to locate, manage and distribute all holdings of a deceased person’s estate. This is easier if a person has a will or trust drawn up before their death, so the estate administrator has an idea of who should receive various portions of the estate. Without a will, the laws of intestacy in California will determine beneficiaries.

When you get estate planning help from Pasadena Estate Administration Attorney Raul M. Montes, you gain peace of mind that your estate will be handled the way you wish. If you have been appointed as an estate administrator by the Probate Court or in the will of someone who recently died, we also have the answers you need to do that job properly.

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At the Law Offices of Raul M. Montes, we serve people statewide, but most of our clients are from the nearby Southern California area, including Pasadena, San Marino, Glendale, San Fernando, Burbank, San Gabriel Valley, Los Angeles and Los Angeles County. Most of our legal services are centered on estate planning, estate administration, real estate law, business law and litigation. Attorney Raul M. Montes opened his Pasadena law office in 2013, to provide clients with excellent legal advice and representation for transactional matters involving real property and business issues, including estate planning and administration.

Pasadena Estate Administration Attorney

When a person dies, their property, assets and other items that make up their estate need to be collected, managed and distributed. If they owe debts or taxes, assets are used to pay those bills off before an estate administrator decides which assets and property to distribute to beneficiaries. At the Law Offices of Raul M. Montes, we help clients set up estate plans that include provisions for estate administration. We also work with people who have been appointed by the Probate Court or their loved ones to be estate administrators.

This entire process of locating assets, determining values, paying off debts and then managing the distribution of the remainder of an estate is not an easy process. It is very helpful to work closely with an experienced estate administration attorney to get this job done correctly and as quickly as possible. Some large estates may take many months or longer to be fully administered. Even with a will or trust, you, as administrator, will benefit from our exceptional legal advice and representation.

We enjoy getting to know our clients and helping them with complex legal issues, and we regularly work on the administration of estates, trusts, conservatorship estates and probate estates. There is no need for you to struggle through this process alone and run into legal roadblocks.

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