Civil Litigation

As you go through life, there are disputes that arise. Some may seem simple to resolve, such as a neighbor who appears to be building a fence on your side of the property line. Some issues are more complex, such as who are the true heirs to property left by a decedent. Whatever issues arise, you need the services of an experienced civil litigation attorney who will vigorously represent your interests.

Call the Law Offices of Raul M. Montes

Raul M. Montes is a Pasadena civil litigation attorney serving San Marino, San Gabriel, San Fernando and Los Angeles. At the Law Offices of Raul M. Montes, we are conscientious and hard-working. We place a high value on the attorney-client relationship and are always courteous and professional. We return calls promptly and keep all clients informed about the status of their case.

Some of the areas of law we have experience in include, but are not limited to:

  • Real estate litigation of all types, including title and boundary disputes, problems between lenders and borrowers, escrow disputes and any other matter involving real property.
  • Real estate leasing issues for both personal and business matters.
  • Personal estate planning with emphasis on protecting assets for your future and the future of your heirs.
  • Wills and trusts for the best way to preserve your property and transfer it to your heirs upon your death.
  • Probate matters including administration and distribution of assets as well as conservatorships.
  • Contracts, which are the way businesses function. We can help with personal and business leases, vendor contracts, employment contracts, employment handbooks and all breach of contract issues..
  • Business disputes of all kinds, including fraud, breach of fiduciary duty, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, breach of non-competition clauses, buy-sell agreements, trademark infringement, partnership disputes, acquisitions and any other matter involving your business.

We meet with you to thoroughly review the facts of your case. We discuss with you your goals so that we can work within those parameters in order to achieve the best possible outcome. At the same time, we do everything possible to minimize any adverse consequences.

We discuss with you all available options. We explain the advantages and disadvantages of each choice available to you and make sure that you understand the benefits or consequences in order to make an informed decision about how to proceed.

We have a track record of positive results and have been successful in large, complex matters involving multi-million dollars in assets and disputes. Whatever your dispute is, we can help you develop a plan for resolution.

We strive to obtain the best economical result possible. If that involves settlement, we know how to negotiate in order to obtain a result that is in your best interests. If settlement is not the best choice, we will be prepared to zealously represent you at trial.