Raul Montes

Protection of personal and business wealth is the main focus of legal work done by Pasadena Attorney Raul M. Montes. He understands how hard people work throughout their lives to create wealth. Raul knows how to help clients keep their wealth, transfer the wealth to and pass it along unhindered to heirs in the future.

The main professional mission of Attorney Raul M. Montes is to evaluate the best alternatives for each client and make recommendations that will enhance the overall outcome of personal estate planning, making business decisions or winning tough cases with his exceptional litigation skills.

Attorney Raul M. Montes

An accomplished Estate Planning & Administration Attorney, Raul M. Montes works with clients from all economic backgrounds who want help preserve and protect the assets and property they have accumulated, from simple and uncomplicated holdings to large and complex estates. His experience can help you with many legal issues that face Californians, including:

  • Estate Planning
  • Estate Administration
  • Probate
  • Business Law
  • Litigation

Raul Montes always works with clients on an individual basis, because he understands that no two people or businesses are alike, and each has unique desires and needs. He helps his clients set individualized goals for their personal estates, and he works with California business owners to decide upon the best business structure to accomplish their dreams, build wealth and protect those assets and property holdings.

It is important that clients have complete confidence and trust in our legal services. Attorney Raul Montes and others at our firm always greet clients promptly and in a courteous, professional manner. We feel it is very important to take time to learn about our clients and their businesses, goals and dreams. When you face legal problems, we know how to find answers, stand up for your rights, and we work hard to win when legal problems move to litigation.

Pasadena Attorney

At the Law Offices of Raul M. Montes, you get all the flexibility of a small firm environment with the advantages of working with a friendly attorney who also has substantial experience take out Large Law Firm, had Partnership law firm experience with complex transactional and litigation matters that involved multi-million dollar disputes and assets.

No matter what size your business is, or the extent of your personal assets and property, we offer excellent legal representation to improve your decisions and ultimate outcome of issues. Pasadena Attorney Raul M. Montes works with people and the court system throughout California from San Diego to Sacramento

Contact the Law Offices of Raul M. Montes, A Professional Corporation, Pasadena, CA, to discuss legal Estate and Business Law concerns that affect your life. Call now, at: (626) 515-7011.